Swipe right? Choosing the best firm for your CPA journey

It’s recruiting season and you’re about to begin the whirlwind tour of accounting firms pining for your attention with socials, swag and promises of a bright future. It’s a lot of pressure in a short amount of time, and it’s no wonder students are often left pondering which firm is the best choice. Like dating, […]

CPABC Mid-Size Firms Recruitment Event – May 6th

Have you considered working for a midsize firm? Meet us on May 6th at the Mid-Sized Firms Event, as we provide an overview of the benefits and culture of pursuing a career at DMCL Chartered Professional Accountants. Meet the Midsize Firms CPABC Trendsetter SeriesMay 6th, 20214:00pm – 6:30pmVirtual Event Register: www.bccpa.ca/MTMF