Canada Announces a New Commercial Rent Support Program, Expands Small Business Loans and Extends the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy

On Friday October 9th 2020, the Federal Government announced several new subsidies available to small to mid-size businesses and organizations affected by Covid-19, including a new Commercial Emergency Rent Subsidy (“CERS”) program, expanding the Canadian Emergency Benefit Account (“CEBA”) loan program and extending the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (“CEWS”) program to June of 2021. Detailed […]

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) Deadline Extension – October 31st, 2020

The August 31st, 2020 deadline was extended to October 31, 2020 per a Twitter feed announcement from Finance Canada. The CEBA website currently has been updated removing the August 31 deadline: Items to note: CEBA help-line 1-888-324-4201 if you have further questions or contact your DMCL advisor or financial institution; Best to check out […]

COVID-19: Canada Emergency Business Account Update

Update: Bill Morneau, Finance Minister, announced on Twitter that the expanded Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) applications are now available through Canada’s large banks. On April 09, 2020, the Government announced the Canada Emergency Business Account (“CEBA”).  The CEBA provides zero-interest, partially forgivable loans of up to $40,000 to small businesses that have experienced diminished […]