When you’re working towards a common good, it’s important to know the money is going to where it can make the biggest impact. Accurate financial information is critical for non-profit organizations and charities, but the pressure and responsibility of financial reporting can present a significant challenge.

Our team of non-profit accounting experts will walk you through every step, making sure you have the information and tools you need to get things done in your community. We’ll help you become more efficient and well-managed, and work together to build a strategy to achieve your goals.

We’re committed to supporting the important role you play in society and making our world a better place.

Discover the confidence that comes from working with a DMCL advisor.

Non-Profit Organization

In addition to the above, we also offer our non-profit organization clients with individual services related to:

  • Canadian Tax Planning and Compliance
  • U.S. Tax Planning and Compliance
  • International Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Trust & Estate Planning

Non-profit accounting experts delivering first-class service.