Christina Chi

Senior Manager, CPA

Christina joined the Entertainment Group in 2016. She specializes in providing accounting, taxation and business management services to the entertainment industry.

Christina is proud to work with a diverse array of clients, including bands (PUP, Devin Townsend, and Tor) and actors (Finn Wolfhard and Annie Murphy). She currently volunteers with the Tegan and Sara Foundation and, in 2024, became a recipient of Moore North America‘s Emerging Leader Award. When she’s not at the office, Christina loves playing sports, attending concerts or exploring in her camper van.

Client types

Private Enterprise




Business Management
Bookkeeping, Payroll & Indirect Tax Reporting
Canadian Tax
Cloud Accounting
Compilations & Financial Reporting

Beyond the Books

My favourite sport to play is: Volleyball

My favourite sports team is: The Toronto Raptors

My guilty pleasure is: Playing poker with friends

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