Cathrine Lumb

Accounting, Payroll and Systems Manager

Cathrine, or Cathy, works within the Firm Operations group as part of the Finance team, where she serves as Accounting, Payroll and Systems Manager. In her role, Cathy manages the implementation, maintenance and review of payroll processing systems to ensure the timely and accurate processing of payroll transactions. Fondly referred to as ‘The Queen of Everything’, Cathy is known for handling matters related to salaries, benefits, taxes, and other deductions with precision and punctuality.

Cathy graduated from BCIT in the Financial Accounting Program and joined DMCL through one of its predecessor firms, Matheson Donaldson, making her one of the longest standing members of DMCL. In her spare time, you can usually find Cathy enjoying the company of some close friends, going to the movies, cheering on her beloved Vancouver Canucks or watching some golf majors.

Beyond the Books

My go-to coffee order is: Plain, black drip coffee (grande)

My favourite podcast genre is: True Crime

My favourite sports team is: Vancouver Canucks

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