Alistair Denham

Human Resources Director

Alistair works as HR Director within the firm’s Human Resources group, where he is well-known for problem-solving complex issues and delivering clear communications to keep staff up-to-date and informed. Priding himself on being a results-focused leader who delivers innovative solutions for staff retention and motivation, Alistair helps DMCL harness the full power of its most valuable asset—its people.

Outside the office, Alistair wears a few different shoes—coaching rugby and soccer as a volunteer or pounding the pavement as he prepares for his next marathon. Previously a proud foster-dad to several BC Guide Dogs, he’s recently started his own family with Luna the exceptionally clever lab-border collie.

Beyond the Books

My binge-worthy show is: Peaky Blinders—reminds me of home

My favourite cuisine is: Indian Curries (the spicier the better)

My go-to coffee order is: Starbucks Venti Dark with a splash of cream

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