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You’re an artist. Your time is best spent perfecting your craft, building your brand and engaging with fans – not getting bogged down by the business of entertainment. As passionate fans and advocates of Canada’s music and entertainment industry, we get it; numbers are a creativity killer. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Let us tackle the arduous details so you can get back to creating.

At DMCL, we can help you manage the business side of your career so you can concentrate on the creative side. Whether you’re just starting out or already well established, our entertainment accounting team can work with you to tailor our services to fit your unique needs.

What sets DMCL apart from other business management providers is that as a Chartered Professional Accounting firm, we are professional and accountable. From basic bookkeeping to international taxation, all of our services are provided in-house.

Our Clients
Other Performers
Record Labels
Artist Managers
Touring Crew
Production Companies

Our services for entertainment accounting and business management.

Providing the business tools and support that clients need
Collaborating with managers, agents, and tour managers
Managing payments to suppliers, crew, and others
Tax variance applications and waivers; and other international tax filings to reduce withholding tax
Business Management
Managing cash
Providing tour analysis and reconciliation
Bookkeeping including bill payments, payroll, bank deposits, and invoicing
Assisting with insurance, banking, and credit approval
Determining which business structure is best for your situation (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)
Reviewing royalty statements, contracts, and recoup statements
Preparing personal and corporate Canadian income tax returns
Preparing US federal and state returns
Ensuring international tax compliance
Facilitating Central Withholding Agreements (CWAs) for US tour dates
Preparing GST/HST returns
Preparing T4/T4A/T5 returns
Preparing US 1042 (Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income of Foreign Persons) and 1099 (Miscellaneous Income) returns
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