US and Cross-Border Tax Services

Our US Tax Group provides the guidance you need to develop and implement an efficient cross-border tax strategy that meets your requirements in the most cost effective way.

Our Expertise

Our US Tax Group provides tax consultation and return preparation services to individuals and corporations on either side of the Canada-US border. We also work with partnerships, and estates/trusts that may be exposed to cross-border tax issues.

We are a proud member of Moore Stephens International. This gives us the ability to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our Moore Stephens affiliates throughout the United States.

Our US and Cross-Border Tax Expertise

  • Taxation of US citizen business owners or incorporated professionals in Canada
  • Taxation of artists, entertainers and athletes working in Canada or the US
  • Taxation of Canadians investing in US real estate
  • Canadian tax consequences of immigration and (or) emigration
  • US voluntary disclosure programs for non-compliant US taxpayers
  • US expatriation rules and their impact on taxpayers renouncing US citizenship
  • Tax filing and reporting requirements for cross-border estates and trusts
  • Issues associated with cross-border employment, including tax, payroll and compensation matters
  • Taxation of Canadian corporations or partnerships doing business in the US.

Our Services

  • Tax planning and tax return preparation services for businesses with operations and activities in Canada and/or the US
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation services for Canadian or US partnerships with business interests in the US
  • Personal Tax planning and tax return preparation services for US citizens residing in Canada
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation services for Canadians investing in US real estate
  • Tax planning and tax return preparation services for non-residents of Canada, including those earning business income, rental income, or income from the sale of Canadian real estate
  • Estate and trust tax planning
  • US state and local tax planning.

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