Good News: Supporting Your Foreign Tax Credit Claim Just Got Easier

Mature businessman using mobile phone at the airport in the waiting room.

As global mobility continues to increase, more Canadians are earning income from a variety of international sources, which is generally subject to tax in both those jurisdictions. Since the CRA requires this income to be reported on a tax return each year, double taxation situations could arise where the taxpayer… Read more

Sun, Snow and the CRA: Taxes & Regulations for Vacation Rental Owners

"Two Adirondack chairs on a serene lakeside dock, hinting at the peaceful escape of vacation rentals and the importance of understanding rental taxes and regulations.

Welcome to the wild world of vacation rentals, also known as short-term rentals (STRs), where you can turn your spare property into an income-generating machine almost overnight. While hosting a vacation rental may seem like an easy way to bolster your passive income, when it comes to taxes and regulations,… Read more