Beyond the Balance Sheet: How to Identify and Value Intangible Assets

A businessman sits at a desk and works on a laptop while taking notes on a notepad and looking contemplative.

Unlike tangible assets or assets that can be found directly on a company’s balance sheet, off-balance sheet intangible assets are sometimes tricky to identify, and even more difficult to value. Despite their less apparent nature, these assets are crucial for the successful operation of your business. Recognizing the significance of… Read more

Ask the Expert… What are financial ratios and how can they be used to improve my business?

Focused businesswoman consulting financial data on her tablet, surrounded by charts and business documents, emblematic of financial analysis.

Financial ratios are evaluation tools that can help you understand your business’s performance and compare it with others in your industry. They measure the relationship between two sections of your financial statements, usually over several periods of time, and give you an assessment of your business’s health. By using these… Read more

5 internal controls you should have implemented yesterday

A person stands at a shelf in a warehouse while holding a clipboard to take inventory and gesturing to an item on the shelf.

March is Fraud Prevention Month across Canada, and as we enter the busiest stretch of tax season there’s no better time to consider the internal controls you might be overlooking that are crucial to the security, transparency and integrity of your business’s financial statements. For those who can’t keep up… Read more

Notice to Reader: There’s a new compilation standard in town

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The following article is a summarized version of the Compilation Engagements Management Briefing provided by Chartered Professional Accountants Canada. For the complete briefing, please visit CPA Canada. As CPA Canada recently shared, “Some things never change. But the compilation standard isn’t one of them.” After almost 35 years, the Auditing… Read more