Cloud Accounting: Elevate Your Numbers

Thoughtful senior professional working with a tablet and laptop, considering cloud accounting solutions.

As accountants, we’re used to working in the past. Reporting on historical information, such as financial statements or tax returns, is highly relevant to our clients due to its use in critical instances like bank financing and creating benchmarks on operations. That being said, if you’re a business owner or… Read more

The Future is Now: 3 Emerging Uses of AI That Will Improve Your Business

Business professional using a tablet in a modern automated manufacturing facility, showcasing the integration of AI in industrial operations.

Remember when we used to think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would one day take over the world? Well it is—but not in the apocalyptic sense. Humanity is embracing AI at an exponential pace, using it to solve our everyday problems and menial tasks. Whether it’s through e-commerce, education, navigation, healthcare,… Read more