2024 Federal Budget: Crystallizing Accrued Capital Gains Before the Inclusion Rate Changes

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UPDATE (June 10, 2024): Notice of Ways and Means Motion on Capital Gains Inclusion Rate On June 10, 2024, the Canadian government released a Notice of Ways and Means Motion providing further details on the capital gains inclusion rate change. The motion clarifies that the inclusion rate will increase from… Read more

The Property Playbook: Acquiring, Holding, and Disposing of Residential Real Estate in B.C.

A young couple of a man and woman sit down with their female real estate agent to discuss considerations around purchasing their first home. A table with a laptop is in the foreground.

In recent years, each level of government—federal, provincial, and municipal—has introduced legislation to further their goals of increasing the availability and affordability of residential real estate in Canada, and improving the transparency of the true ownership of Canadian real estate. When combined with existing legislative requirements, these new pieces of… Read more

Navigating Common-Law Tax Filing: Tips for Canadian Couples

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means you might be getting together with your partner, sharing a nice dinner, maybe a bottle of wine, and talking about your…taxes? Understanding the implications of your relationship status on your tax obligations is crucial. If you’ve recently married, it’s a bit more obvious as… Read more

ESG: A Game-Changer for Your Business

A group of businesspeople sit around a table examining a solar panel. A presentation is on a screen behind them with graphs displaying renewable energy percentages.

In recent years, there’s been a growing emphasis on the adoption of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles as an expectation of the private sector. As we’ve previously explored in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, companies that embrace ESG principles are seeing significant benefits in terms of revenue growth… Read more

The Impact of AI Investment: Moore Global Shares Key Findings

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Earlier this year, as part of the conversation on the broader impacts of AI on the business world, we examined a few emerging uses of AI that can improve your business. Our colleagues at Moore Global recently took that conversation to the next level, publishing a comprehensive study by Moore… Read more

Keep it in the Family: Updated Tax Rules for the Transfer of a Family Business

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Amongst the pile of tax changes introduced in the 2023 federal budget are several important proposed amendments to the rules on intergenerational business transfers, and we’re here to break them down for you. The original legislation from 2021 (Bill C-208) still applies to intergenerational share transfers from a parent to… Read more

Look Ahead or Fall Behind: 5 Steps to Help Prepare Your Business for a Recession

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No one can predict the future, but as we enter 2023, uncertainty regarding the state of the economy is running exceptionally high. After a year of record inflation and aggressive interest rate hikes by the Bank of Canada, expert and public sentiment is that we could be heading towards a… Read more

The real cost of riding in style: How does the new Select Luxury Items Tax impact vehicles?

Smiling man in business attire receiving keys to a new car, highlighting the luxury vehicle market affected by the new tax law.

In our previous article The Real Cost of Buying Luxury Cars in B.C., we explained how the true cost of purchasing a luxury car in BC can be up to 3 times the purchase price of the car once personal income tax, PST, GST/HST, and the proposed Federal luxury tax are… Read more

Sailing into the sunset: Succession planning for a successful retirement

A mature couple attentively consults with a financial advisor, going over documents and digital data for retirement planning.

As a small business owner, you spend your working life building a legacy and pouring countless hard-working hours into your business. Understandably, as you approach retirement age, you might be wondering “now how do I retire?” Here are some tips for crafting a successful succession plan that allows you to… Read more

Ask the Expert… How do I avoid conflict in succession planning for my family business?

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We get it—succession planning can take on an entirely new degree of difficulty when it involves family. Sometimes it might even seem impossible to keep emotions out of the equation when determining a familial successor (there’s a reason HBO’s Succession is a hit drama). Thankfully, we have a few tips… Read more