CapEx or OpEx?

CapEx or OpEx?

Classifying Your Investments in Technology In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic began taking hold around the globe and organizations had to pivot to deal with a new reality. The ways we interact and conduct business have transitioned to a more virtual world. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a technological shift as organizations invest more […]

Top Tips for Building a Technology Start-up from an Accountant and Valuator’s Perspective:

The Vancouver Technology Arena is quickly evolving and drawing more business players into the marketplace. Many technology entrepreneurs have built great companies with a positive and lasting impact to our communities. At DMCL, we’re strong supporters of entrepreneurship and we love a good success story. Most of the winners in the tech space did these ten […]

good governance for tech startups, building a board for tech startups

Good Governance for Tech Startups

The tech sector continues to grow healthily. It is a competitive marketplace where companies hustle for position, each with their own idea and end goal of starting to generate profitable revenues. A significant number of start-ups continue to receive funding to assist their research, testing and ultimate release of new products. Amid all the excitement […]