Common Issues in Waterfall Calculations in Commercial Real Estate

Common Issues in Waterfall Calculations in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Professionals (the “Sponsor”) commonly create Real Estate LP/GP Structures as a tool to facilitate the acquisition of real estate assets and structure these acquisitions with multiple investors.  These structures provide investors (“Investor”) with an opportunity to invest in large real estate acquisitions that they may otherwise do on their own.  The Sponsors leverage […]

2021 BC Residential Real Estate Tax Update

A reminder of some important due dates and key updates: Vancouver The Vancouver Empty Homes Tax declaration is due Tuesday February 2nd 2021 Every residential property owner must make a declaration on whether or not the property is subject to the Vancouver Empty Homes Tax or whether it is exempt. For 2020, a 1.25% tax […]

Personal Real Estate Corporations (PRECs)

This article is from the quarterly Canadian Overview, a newsletter produced by the Canadian member firms of Moore North America. These articles are meant to pursue our mission of being the best partner in your success by keeping you aware of the latest business news. Are you in the real estate industry who is interested […]

Empty Homes Tax: Audits and Appeals

Empty Homes Tax – Audits and Appeals If you are a City of Vancouver residential property owner, you may be subject to an audit of your 2017 Property Status Declaration.  The City of Vancouver may also have recently denied your request for an exemption to the Empty Homes Tax (EHT). This post outlines how to […]