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DMCL 101

Where does DMCL have offices?

Visit our Contact Us page to see our office listings.

How would you describe the culture at DMCL?

DMCL fosters a culture of learning, growth and fun. At our firm, relationships are highly valued and most importantly our staff; partners, managers, and accountants all take an interest in your career progression and provide you with valuable feedback. Mentorship is huge at DMCL, students are surrounded by team members that follow an open-door policy and are easy to approach. As a part of our growing team, you can expect continuous support in your path to become a CPA.

Does DMCL participate in any community engagement or social initiatives?

During the year, DMCL is actively involved in community initiatives such as supporting the Salvation Army, Food Bank or participating in a Shoreline Clean-up. Each year, our staff also look forward to tax parties, CFE write/results day and social Fridays (usually with an optional beer or glass of wine!). Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic hosting mental health and wellness initiatives such as online Yoga, Mindfulness Seminars have been super important in lieu of in-person events.

FAQ - Applications, Interviewing. Networking

Applications, Interviews & Networking

What are you looking for in an articling student (ideal candidate)?

DMCL looks for well-rounded candidates. We value self-motivated individuals with great interpersonal skills who bring a diverse range of experience, perhaps in customer service or in retail as well as participating in their community. Overall, an individual who demonstrates a willingness to learn, displays a positive attitude, and is not afraid to ask questions will always catch our attention. Previous accounting related experience is an advantage but isn’t essential. We want you to help you progress through the CPA program, so an individual who demonstrates that they can juggle work with their studies is well placed for success. Technical skills will be taught but it’s the soft skills you bring that ultimately help you become successful.

What are some events DMCL hosts?

DMCL participates in a variety of different events throughout the year. This year, in lieu of in-person events due to COVID-19, we’re hosting virtual networking event. Currently, we offer coffee chats where students can talk with DMCL representatives (managers, accountants, CPA students) to get to know more about the firm and the support that we offer. We’re also are actively participating in career fairs, student cub events at local schools and CPA hosted events.

What’s the interview process like at DMCL?

Typically, students applying go through two interview stages. The first will be with someone from our HR team, most likely on a call. The second is with a manager and will be more informal. You can expect to delve into your previous experiences as you answer behavioral and situational questions. We expect you will highlight your accomplishments and your interests, along with expectations you have for the role.

Who can I address my cover letter and resume to?

Please feel free to address it to Ananda Lavingia, HR Advisor or Alistair Denham, HR Manager.

FAQ - Support for Students

Support for Students

How does DMCL support CFE writers?

We provide considerable support for our students. Initially, when you start your career you will be paired with a CPA mentor. DMCL also provides student access through the CPA approved Densmore course. We also run an in-house preparatory course and have experienced CFE markers providing feedback on mock exams as well as their top tips to help you navigate successfully through the exam. Writers typically will take two months off before their exam to get well prepared. We’ve had much success in recent times with a success rate over 90% in the last two years.

What’s a typical day like for an articling student?

Every day is different. It is a fast paced, dynamic work environment with exposure to our varied clients and industries. For the first couple of months the expectation is that students embark on an exciting journey to learn and understand DMCL’s systems, clients and navigate the ways of the firm. Mentorship, training and on-the-job learning is provided by managers and colleagues; you are always learning. We make sure our students get exposure to all sections in preparing a file and developing their knowledge with the aim that they learn how to prepare all sections of the file independently.

What routes do you offer to get your designation?

Most students start opt to route through the External Audit Program. They’ll work in one of our public company audit teams working in various industries such as construction, mining, real estate and rypto. Alternatively, if some students prefer to proceed down the ACT route (assurance, compilation and tax) they could be placed in one of our private enterprise teams. There is the flexibility for students to experience both audit and private enterprise so if you are unsure initially; we will help you find what is best suited for you.

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