What’s it like working at one of the largest independent accounting firms in Canada?

It’s hard to answer this question without first acknowledging the impact of COVID-19 and the ongoing changes as we find our new normal. However, one thing that’s stood the test of time (and COVID-19) is our commitment to balance. We value time spent with family and friends, in service of our communities and in leisure, and we believe this helps build the foundation for a rewarding work environment. In other words, we strive to create a work environment that’s as fun to be at as it is to be away.

At DMCL, you’ll find a variety of remote, hybrid and in-person work environments. You’ll also find a culture that continues to engage and uplift people through a mix of right-sized social activities, community involvement, EDI initiatives, perks, mentorship opportunities and good old fashion communication. Keep scrolling to learn more.

A glimpse of life at DMCL: Casual Beer Fridays, sport leagues, Pink/Blue Shirt Day, tax parties, Shoreline Cleanup, bowling nights, summer parties and more.


Giving back to the community is a priority at DMCL. We encourage our people to engage in volunteer opportunities both individually and through firm-organized initiatives such as the Salvation Army, Food Bank and Shoreline Cleanup. We also hold office-based fundraisers supporting charities such as Movember and Blue Jeans Day.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

It’s only been a short time since “culture fit” was the buzz phrase when it came to recruitment. Now, as organizations become more understanding and aware of our unconscious biases, we’re beginning to recognize what we actually need is “culture add.” Hiring great people from a wide variety of backgrounds makes our firm stronger. As an equal opportunity employer, we believe that DMCL can be—and is—a firm for everyone. Thirty years in the accounting industry has taught us diversity is key not only when it comes to our client base, but also to our staff. We cherish different perspectives and unique ways of thinking, and we want to hear from you.


Our goal is to ensure our people have everything they need to stay healthy and happy. In addition to a comprehensive benefits package, we also offer:

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Four-day work-weeks during the Summer
  • CFE study leaves for our CPA students
  • Gym membership subsidies
  • Mobile phone plan subsidies


“Nine out of 10 employees who have a career mentor say they’re happier with their jobs.”

–CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workplace Happiness Survey

We hear you. In response, we’ve built a professional development program to ensure that our people receive the support and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in their careers. As part of our team, you can expect both formal and informal mentorship from senior leaders and managers in addition to formal training courses.

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