Giving Back

At the heart of our accounting firm, we’re a group of people who live, work and play in our communities. Recognizing this, it’s important to us that we take care of the places that we call home.

The way we give back across our organization is multi-faceted. For some, it’s giving time. For others, it’s sponsorships and donations. And for the most passionate of our team, it’s advocating for a cause.

As part of the Moore Global Network, we’re proud to be active participants of the Social Ambition initiative. We’ve made a promise to always be a driving force for positive social impact and we’re proud to say we’re making a difference. Read on to learn about our commitments and the actions we’re taking to drive positive change for our environment, workplace, marketplace and society.

Our commitment to the environment.

The accounting industry is notorious for their reliance on printed documentation. But times have changed and technologies have improved. We now have the means to efficiently and securely serve our clients and operate our businesses while being environmentally friendly.

Currently, at DMCL, our environmental initiatives are informal—but everyone has to start somewhere. In parallel to our ongoing initiatives, this year we’ll be completing an environmental audit and identifying opportunities to formalize our actions and hold ourselves accountable moving forward. We know we can do better, and we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Actions we’re taking to protect the environment.
Formalizing our existing recycling program through policy, education and resources.
Establishing a DMCL Green Team to ensure representation and advocacy across all offices.
Participating in community events that support environmental preservation and restoration.
Updating mail subscriptions from paper to digital to save trees and avoid pollution.
Encouraging clients to move to digital files and cloud accounting.
Offering remote work to reduce carbon emissions.
Annual Shoreline Clean-up
Annual Shoreline Clean-up
Our commitment to the workplace.

We spend a lot of time in the workplace—whether that be a virtual workplace or in-person. It’s important that we take the time to step back and evaluate how we can evolve our workplace to ensure all of our employees can flourish.

Accounting can be a grueling profession. Our goal is to remove the barriers that get in the way of our peoples’ success and happiness. We’re committed to making our workplace somewhere that everyone can thrive—physically, mentally and equally.

Actions we’re taking to improve the workplace
Pushing our equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives forward.
Offering flexible work arrangements that cater to individual lifestyles.
Giving timely rewards in recognition of exceptional performance.
Helping our CPA students achieve their goals faster through an accelerated career progression.
Constantly reviewing our compensation model to ensure we provide a competitive structure where employees are financially rewarded in an impactful time and way.
Conducting stay interviews to proactively identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to our employee retention.
Interoffice Softball Game
Fun Fridays
Pink Shirt Day
Fall Social
Tax Season Wrap-up Party
Our commitment to the marketplace.

As accountants, our clients rely on us to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. As a public company audit firm, the public relies on us to provide them with reliable data. Because our actions can significantly impact the marketplace, it’s important that we take our responsibilities seriously and that we use our influence for good.

At DMCL, we’re committed to building trust in the marketplace through consistency, competency and integrity.

Actions we’re taking to build a better marketplace.
Delivering services of the highest quality and ethical standards that underpin the public’s trust and confidence of the capital markets.
Continually reviewing and improving our data protection policies and infrastructure to protect confidential information.
Our commitment to society.

When you slow down and take the time to get to know people, it’s remarkable to learn how many of us have been positively impacted by the charities and non-profit organizations in our communities. Whether we as individuals have been directly helped, or we know someone who has, we believe it’s an honour to support these organizations and pay it forward.

At DMCL, we’re committed to driving the betterment of society.

Actions we’re taking to support society.
Developing a sponsorship strategy that leverages our strengths so we can maximize our impact.
Supporting local non-profit organizations and charities through in-kind and monetary donations.
Participating in community events that support the betterment of society.
Offering our expertise through a variety of positions within a Board of Directors.
Greater Vancouver Food Bank's Fore for Food Golf Tournament
Neighbourhood Clean-Up
Sources Foundation Fundraising Gala
Serving at the Salvation Army
SHARE Family & Community Services Donation
The Mustard Seed Donation
Volunteering at the Food Bank
Dress in Blue Day