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Joining DMCL: Behind the Scenes of Our Recruitment Process 

June 5, 2024

At DMCL, we’re dedicated to fostering your success every step of the way. We’re not just seeking talent; we’re looking for individuals who are as committed to shaping their future as we are to supporting them. If you’re considering joining our team as an articling student, here’s a comprehensive guide to our recruitment process and how you can prepare for each stage. 

Let’s Begin 

Our recruitment process starts with reviewing the applications we’ve received for our articling positions. Once we’ve shortlisted candidates, we’ll reach out via email to arrange an initial phone screening. This step allows you to prepare in advance and set yourself up for success. 

The Phone Screen 

The phone screen is an opportunity for you to chat with our HR team and share more about yourself and why you’re interested in joining DMCL. We recommend reviewing our website, the job description for the articling position you applied for, and our core values. Be ready to discuss why you’re pursuing a CPA, your future goals, and the skills you bring to the table. The phone screen is also your chance to learn more about us, so have questions ready. This is a two-way conversation, and we want to make sure DMCL is the best place for you. 

Interviewing with the Hiring Manager 

After the phone screen, the HR team will work with the hiring managers to select candidates for the interview stage. If you’re selected, we’ll contact you with the details. We’ll let you know who you’ll be meeting with, so you can do some research, prepare questions, and put your best foot forward on interview day. The interview will be approximately one hour and will take place in person at our downtown offices with the hiring manager – a Senior Manager. 

Mix and Mingle 

After a successful interview, you can relax a bit as successful candidates will be invited to join us for a mix and mingle. This is an opportunity to connect with other students we’re interested in recruiting and to mingle with senior managers and partners from the firm. This casual networking event, complete with food and refreshments, will give you a sense of our more laid-back and fun side at DMCL. 

Time for Offers 

At this stage, you’ll have a really good sense of who we are, and we’ll have a really good sense of you too. We’ll then extend an offer. We believe in sharing your vision for the future, and when you receive an offer from us, it’s because you’ve shown us your vision for the future and we want to help you create that reality. 

Welcome to the Team! 

Joining DMCL means more than just securing a position; it’s about becoming part of a community invested in your future. With a competitive applicant pool, ensure you stand out by presenting your authentic self and demonstrating your utmost professionalism throughout the process. Please note that because we receive a large number of applications, we’ll only contact shortlisted candidates. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy meeting you. If it’s not a “now,” it could be a “later” opportunity, and we aim to keep all our candidates’ information on file. If an opportunity comes up that we think you’re suitable for, we’d love to reconnect with you again. Remember, you may work with numbers, but you’ll never feel like one with us!