A graphic with a cutout of Marcus Brandt, Partner, CPA, CA

Bridging Insights: A Conversation with Marcus Brandt, Partner

May 30, 2024

As a talent lead, what truly excites me is sharing insights about positions and managers with potential candidates, acting as a bridge (no pun intended) between job descriptions and candidates to envision their future roles.

While job descriptions provide a glimpse of the job responsibilities, deeper insights from hiring managers can reveal the true essence of an opportunity as well as the managers’ approach to the team objectives.

In our search for a talented manager to join Marcus Brandt’s Private Enterprise team, we decided to sit down to discuss with him his practice, including valuable insights into his client service objectives, advice for new accountants interested in Private Enterprise, and his future practice expansion goals.

Marcus, how do you differentiate your practice from others in the industry, and what unique value do you believe you bring to your clients?

We stand out by offering exceptional client service—it’s as simple as that. We’re always responsive to our clients’ needs and proactively connect with them well before filing deadlines to inform them of significant accounting or taxation changes.

What advice would you offer to new public practice accountants embarking on roles within private enterprise?

Build a strong foundation in the basics of accounting and taxation. This could mean taking a bookkeeping course, mastering Microsoft Excel, or even going through basic tax returns to understand the underlying calculations. The stronger your foundation, the more successful you’ll be in advancing in a private enterprise role.

You have several amazing reviews from clients who rave about your expertise, responsiveness, and clear communication. Can you speak more to your business development and client acquisition strategies? What’s your approach to building and maintaining strong client relationships?

I’ve built strong relationships with like-minded professionals and always keep them in mind. I maintain an organized tracking system for referrals and ensure regular follow-ups with potential clients. Once a client engages with the firm, maintaining that relationship hinges on delivering excellent work consistently and communicating regularly throughout the year.

As a high-growth Partner at DMCL, how do you balance the demands of client service, business development, and internal management responsibilities?

It’s not an easy task by any means; however, I find the most effective way to balance these demands is through a combination of referring work to other partners, identifying the best times of the year to focus on business development, and prioritizing the most important aspects of firm management while deferring less urgent projects when possible. 

Marcus, looking ahead, can you share with us your goals and aspirations for the growth and evolution of your practice in the coming years?

I’m aiming to focus on a few core industries, including professional services, not-for-profits, and real estate. I want my practice to evolve so that I can offer more advisory services. Additionally, I plan to provide more assurance services to meet the growing needs of my clients as they expand.

Visit Marcus’s profile to learn more about his practice. If you’re interested in being considered for the current opportunity on his team as a Private Enterprise Manager, head over to our Current Opportunities page or contact me at boconnor@dmcl.ca to discuss further.

Article written by Bridget O’Connor, Talent Acquisition Lead