Silhouette of a graduate throwing their cap in the air against a blue sky

Mastering the Margins: Cheers to our new CPAs!

December 1, 2023

Congratulations to our newest class of (soon to be accredited) Chartered Professional Accountants:

  • Amy Cao
  • Brian Alenton
  • Brittney Lyons
  • Edmund Ting
  • Ekjot Singh
  • Jane Guo
  • Jeff Hinds
  • Joyce Luo
  • Justin Semkuley
  • Karen Mak
  • Kaylie Foskett
  • Kiran Ghangus
  • Liam McAllister
  • Matthew Gazley
  • Meng Sun
  • Nav Gill
  • Noah Lubberding
  • Omar Castro-Garcia
  • Phoebe Huynh
  • Sam Choi
  • Sam Raeisi
  • Satinder Singh
  • Stephen Kamyszek
  • Tommy Tang

We’re proud of your hard work, grit and determination. Cheers to your success and the next stage of your careers.