A group of people clapping at a presentation to celebrate new promotions at an accounting firm.

Celebrating Progress: Announcing Our 2023 Promotions

November 14, 2023

In a year marked by both challenges and triumphs, it is with immense pride that we recognize the professional strides made by our dedicated team members. Today, we’re not just celebrating achievements; we’re celebrating the individuals whose relentless pursuit of excellence and steadfast dedication to our mission have earned them new roles and responsibilities.

Supervisors to Managers

With a keen understanding of the complexities of our industry and a proactive approach to leadership, the next set of professionals have earned the opportunity to step into a role that harnesses their managerial skills.

Managers to Senior Managers

The journey from Manager to Senior Manager is paved with unwavering dedication and exceptional client service. We commend the following individuals for reaching this significant career milestone.

Senior Managers to Principals

The role of Principal is reserved for those who have not only showcased a high level of expertise and leadership but have also contributed to the fabric of our firm’s values. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our new Principals.

Each of these promotions stands as a marker of professional growth and tenure, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to the principles that DMCL holds dear. As trusted advisors, our newly promoted team members embrace each day as a fresh opportunity to impact the lives and success of the clients we serve. Their paths reflect the collective journey of a firm that is moving forward, fueled by talent, drive, and the shared goal of excellence.

Join us in congratulating all our colleagues on their well-deserved promotions as we look forward to the contributions they will continue to make at DMCL and beyond.