Making the Case: Corporate Social Responsibility grows your bottom line

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? This often-misunderstood term promotes the idea that businesses can’t ignore the bigger picture and must take into account their actions in the pursuit of profit. Some suggest that the sole objective of a corporation is to maximize returns for its shareholders and increase its bottom line regardless of other […]

Ask the Expert… What is the Triple Bottom Line?

Businesses have traditionally looked solely at their profitability to determine how well they are performing; however, with growing public awareness of key social and environmental issues, more and more businesses are turning to CSR to focus on growing their triple bottom line instead. You may have heard of the triple bottom line before, but weren’t […]

2022 Tax Deadlines Calendar

We’ve put together the below calendar to help you keep track of the 2022 tax deadlines and be prepared well in advance of any due dates. Included are all provincial, federal and US tax deadlines. For more information on federal and provincial COVID-19 economic relief programs, see Notes 2 and 3 below. Deadline Action January […]