Swipe right? Choosing the best firm for your CPA journey

July 19, 2021

It’s recruiting season and you’re about to begin the whirlwind tour of accounting firms pining for your attention with socials, swag and promises of a bright future. It’s a lot of pressure in a short amount of time, and it’s no wonder students are often left pondering which firm is the best choice.

Like dating, choosing the best firm for your CPA journey can be overwhelming. To help you navigate student recruitment, we’re sharing five tips for finding your articling match.

1.  Discover all your options

To make the most of your CPA journey, choose a firm that will give you hands-on experience across all aspects of accounting as well as the opportunity to acquire skills at general and specialized levels. This is the beginning of your career and the ideal time to try out various paths in public practice.

DMCL’s CPA program gives students a well-rounded accounting experience that includes a variety of industries, range of clients and general to specialized levels. As a result, we look for students who are keen to learn and eager to contribute to various accounting functions.

2.  Look to be pushed

In accounting, every detail matters. Look for a firm who’s obsessed with perfection in all facets of their business—whether it’s client service, quality of work or relationship building—and will expect the same of you. Your success depends on it!

DMCL’s passion for our clients, staff and quality of work is what takes us to the next level. We’re a firm full of detail-oriented individuals with superior organizational and analytical skills who are keen to engrain this trait into the next generation and our clients’ continued success.

3.  Find your village

You likely know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” You’re a student and you’re going to have a lot of questions. Look for a firm who doesn’t leave you high and dry when you’re stuck—whether it’s your mentor, a manager or a partner, you’ll get the most out of your CPA journey when you surround yourself with people who are willing to help.

In addition to an open-door policy, at DMCL each CPA student is dedicated to a team where they’ll receive one-to-one mentorship, collaboration, and build relationships where they’ll feel comfortable and confident to ask questions. Don’t shy away from your curiosity—we’re happy to share our knowledge and it’s the best way for you to learn!

4.  Tune in to communications

It’s hard to succeed when you don’t know what’s expected of you. Look for firms who match your communication style. Do you feel at ease when you meet the firm’s representatives? Does the firm have a defined plan for students? Are you clear on next steps/opportunities in the recruitment process? Each interaction throughout your search should leave you feeling more confident in your decision.

At DMCL, we pride ourselves on having a big-firm service offering with a small-firm personal touch. Communication and relationship building are one of, if not the most important things when it comes to public practice. Our students can expect a clear path forward and a smiling face to help you along the way. Likewise, we’re looking for students who are exceptional verbal and written communicators, eager to make connections and ask questions.

5.  Search for a culture that clicks

If you select a firm based solely on professional aspects and ignore the culture, you could be in for a rude awakening. Firm culture can make or break your career, so choose wisely. Ask questions about work-life balance, social events and flexibility, and get the inside scoop from industry connections.

We really do believe that people are DMCL’s greatest asset and we work hard to support them! Our students have flexible work/study arrangements, a standard 35-hour work week, full financial support throughout the CPA program, and internal and external CFE training programs complemented by professional development training, mental and physical wellness initiatives, firm sponsored social events and a flex-time program during the summer.

And remember, just because you work with numbers doesn’t mean you should feel like one. We want to know our students on a deeper level and look for individuals who’ll immerse themselves in the DMCL culture of collaboration, relationship building, community involvement and a ton of fun events.

The average Canadian spends 1,644 hours at work—take the time to find a culture that makes you want to swipe right.  

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